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cooling tower drift

Tower Components | Drift Eliminator

Drift eliminators are designed to capture large water droplets caught in the cooling tower air stream. The eliminators prevent the water droplets and mist from escaping the cooling tower.

Drift Eliminators - STAR Cooling Towers

CF150MAx Counterflow Cellular Drift Eliminators. CF150MAx Counterflow Cellular Drift Eliminators are specifically-designed to achieve maximum drift removal efficiency in counterflow tower applications while keeping pressure drop significantly lower than in cellular drift eliminators designed for crossflow cooling towers.

Cooling Tower Drift - Image Results

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Cooling tower - Wikipedia

W = about 0.0005 percent of C (or less) if the cooling tower has windage drift eliminators and uses sea water as make-up water. Cycles of concentration

Cooling Tower Drift Eliminators

Welcome to the largest online parts warehouse in the cooling tower industry. Here you will find replacement components for cooling towers of any make, any model, anywhere.

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Cooling Tower Drift Eliminators For Sale - Universal Tower Parts

What is a Drift Eliminator? To put it simply, a drift eliminator is designed to capture large water droplets caught in the air stream, and prevent the droplets and mist from escaping the cooling tower.

Cooling Tower Drift vs. Splash Out | Brentwood Industries

Splash out happens when water is blown out of the cooling tower through the side openings, making it important to use inlet louvers that prevent splash out.

Fill and Drift Eliminators - Midwest Cooling Towers

Fill and Drift Eliminators. Seals and fill are vitally important to the efficient operations of any cooling tower. Which is why we carry products designed to eliminate drift, offer cost-effective fill, and created a fill evaluation system.

Cooling Tower Efficiency Calculations Cooling Tower Approach

requires very large tower and results in huge evaporation and windage or drift loss resulting in a practically not viable solution. In practice the cooling tower efficiency will be in between 70 to 75%.

What is Cooling Tower? Detail - Cooling Technology Institute

The smallest cooling towers are designed to handle water streams of only a few gallons of water per minute ... commonly used in the cooling tower industry: Drift ...

Marley NC - Cooling Tower Performance

Lower drift means less water escapes the tower, ... The Marley NC Cooling Tower has set the standard for high efficiency and low maintenance since its introduction in ...

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